Our Products

We carry a wide range of local, natural, and organic products that are hand-selected by the owners and our staff. Here are some of our customers’ favorites found on our shelves!

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  • Xochitl, White Corn Chips Sea Salt 12oz


  • Yerba Prima, Psyllium Whole Husks 12oz


  • YumEarth, Organic Candy Gummy Worms 2.5oz


  • YumEarth, Organic Candy Jelly Bean Sour 2.5oz


  • Zevia, Cream Soda 12oz 6-Pack


  • Zevia, Dr Zevia Soda 12oz 6-Pack


  • Zevia, Grape Soda 12oz


  • Zevia, Orange Soda 12oz 6-Pack


  • Zevia, Root Beer 12oz 10-Pack