Our Products

We carry a wide range of local, natural, and organic products that are hand-selected by the owners and our staff. Here are some of our customers’ favorites found on our shelves!

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  • Follow Your Heart, Salad Dressing Vegan Ranch 12oz


  • Follow Your Heart, Vegan Cheese Parmesan 4oz


  • Follow Your Heart, Vegenaise Original 16oz


  • Food Should Taste Good, Blue Tortilla Chips 5.5oz


  • Food Should Taste Good, Multigrain Tortilla Chips 5.5oz


  • Garcia Baquero, Manchego Cheese 5.28oz


  • Gardein, Crispy Tenders Seven Grain 9oz


  • Garden of Eatin’, Taco Shells 5.5oz


  • Garden of Eatin’, Tortilla Chips Blue 16oz


  • Garden of Eatin’, Tortilla Chips Red Hot Blues 16oz


  • Garden of Eatin’, Tortilla Chips Yellow 16oz


  • Garrett Valley Uncured Pork Bacon 8oz


  • GH Cretors, Cheese and Caramel Mix Popcorn 7.5oz


  • gimMe, Organic Seaweed Sea Salt 0.17oz


  • gimMe, Organic Seaweed Teriyaki 0.17oz


  • Ginger People, Gin-Gins Apple 3oz


  • Ginger People, Gin-Gins Hard Candy 3oz


  • Ginger People, Gin-Gins Original 3oz


  • Ginger People, Ginger Soother 12oz


  • Ginger People, Ginger Soother with Turmeric 12oz